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What are the benefits of daily journaling?

One week in, has Emma Guns been able to keep up her daily journalling?

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By Emma Gunavardhana on

The objective of journalling was to clear my mind, crystallise my intentions and maintain focus when distractions like social media, email, texts and life admin tried to steer me off course. We’ve all been there – you start the day with the best of intentions to be productive, only to be derailed by the ironing pile or a sudden urge to reorganise your underwear drawer.

Only a week into this habit, and I’ve noticed that the simple art of answering a few questions every morning in a notebook has sparked some positive changes. Research shows that journalling can stretch your IQ, promote mindfulness, instil discipline, relieve stress and minimise self-doubt – have I noticed changes in those areas in just one week of keeping a journal?

Tune in to find out...


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