How to look great when you feel crap

From eye-brighteners to puffy-face banishers, Frankie Graddon shares her cold-busting beauty stash

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Don’t come too close – I’ve got a cold. The first of the year and it’s lasting an age. I’ve gone through the cotton-wool-head stage, the bunged-up-nose stage, the incessant-sneezing stage, the snot-fest stage and am now on the phlegmy-cough stage. Lovely. (Sorry, if you’re eating your lunch.) Half the office also has a cold; so, too, my morning train. It’s cold-season, friends, and there’s not a heck of a lot we can do about it. There are, however, a few beauty bits that can help us out. Over the last few weeks, these are the products I’ve found successfully disguise the mank and make me feel halfway human.

The skin-soother: Avène Antirougeurs Jour Redness-Relief Moisturising Cream SPF 20

I was introduced to this day cream by a friend, when we were dashing around City Pharma (a haven for French pharmacy brands) on a recent trip to Paris. (FYI, if you are ever in Paris, go – it does the best beauty deals.) Anyway, I was thrilled to learn that you can also get this cream on the British high street, because it is brilliant. Geared towards skin on the dry and sensitive side, it helps take down redness and provides a comforting hit of moisture, which is perfect for soothing chapped, irritated skin – especially flaky noses.


The puff-banisher: Yu Ling Jade Facial roller

Jade rollers have had a lot of press recently, thanks to a renewed popularity in all things crystals and gemstones. Regardless of whether you know your rose quartz from your azurite, this little roller is brilliant at draining your lymphatic system and boosting circulation. Which, to put it simply, gets rid of puffiness and makes your skin look glowy. Plus, the coldness of the stone helps wake up knackered eyes. Use after you’ve washed your face and before serum/moisturiser.


The fresh-faker: Bobbi Brown Skin Long-Wear Weightless Foundation SPF 15

I love a tinted moisturiser as much as the next person, but when the shit hits the fan (or should that be snot?), you need something with a bit more oomph. Bobbi’s velvety foundation has a buildable coverage, which evens out skin tone and gives the illusion of a fresh, plumped complexion.


The eye-brightener: Sisley Stylo Lumière

If, like me, your colds manifest as gigantic dark circles under your eyes, then seriously consider trying Sisley’s radiance-boosting corrector pen. The ultimate faker of luminosity, dab the pen over the shadowy bits around your eye (remember to do the inner corners) and blend. You can also use this in the creases between your nose and mouth, or any other areas you want to brighten.


The toucher-upper: Nars Soft Matte Complete Concealer

A heaven of a concealer (excellent coverage, creamy texture, doesn’t cake), stick this in your handbag for nose touch-ups after a heavy-duty blowing session.


The salvation balm: Skin & Tonic Calm Balm

Perhaps the worst thing about having a cold is the cracked lips and sore nose that comes with it. I happened upon this little pot by chance the other week and have found it brilliant at solving both of these. The balm contains shea butter and sunflower oil to moisturiser calendula to soothe, rosemary to protect and lavender to calm.


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