The £12.99 mascara that gives expensive-looking lashes

Frankie Graddon gives her verdict on Max Factor’s latest mascara

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By Frankie Graddon on

As I might have mentioned once before, there are three things that a good mascara should do: it should lengthen, it should darken and it should boost volume. There are also three things that it should not do and that is flake, smudge or drop. Any mascara that adheres to these rules can be universally acknowledged as Fit For Purpose.

My current FFP list is as follows: Chanel Le Volume Révolution Mascara, By Terry Lash Expert Twist Brush, Lancôme Monsieur Big, Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara, MAC In Extreme Dimension 3D Black Lash Mascara, Nars Climax Mascara, Benefit Roller Lash and Beauty Pie Über Volume Lash Mascara. These are not just fit for purpose – they exceed purpose. They are wonderful. And, as of the other week, I’ve added another name to the list: Max Factor Volume Infusion Mascara. It’s brand new, it’s bloody good and it’s £12.99.

First, the formula. Soot-black and non-clumpy, the USP is that it contains both biotin and keratin – the former to stimulate hair growth, the latter to protect lashes and keep them looking healthy. While I can’t say I’ve sprouted any new ones, I can say that as well as looking fabulous levels of long, my lashes look soft. I’d go as far as to say luxuriant. Yes, luxuriant.

Then, the brush is on the thicker side (if you have hooded eyes, you might want to keep a cotton bud handy). It packs plenty of mascara on to your lashes and whips up volume. Because I like my lashes to resemble black liquorice, I apply one coat, then quickly follow up with another. The tapered end means you can easily catch little bottom lashes and the all-important corners, which will widen your eyes beautifully.

All this with change from £15. You can’t argue with that.





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