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Question: what’s light, glowy and fits in a suitcase? Answer: BFF

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By Frankie Graddon on

Over the past few weeks, I’ve managed to leave my phone in a café, my card in a clothes shop and my entire handbag in a vegan cafe just north of Manchester. Clearly, I am losing it. The one thing I’ve not lost (yet), however, is my new make-up obsession, Trinny London BFF Cream.

OK, so not exactly new – I’ve been a fan of Trinny Woodall’s make-up range since it launched, at the tail-end of last year. Having already tried, tested and loved the stacking pots, just last week I moved on to her one and only tube, the BFF.

A colour corrector-cum-tinted moisturiser type affair, if you are looking to ditch your foundation in favour of something lighter then this is it. Creamy and moisturising, it smooths on to your skin, transforming from a whitish-grey to something that matches your skin tone, but with a bit of extra oomph. It ticks the all-important glowy box, while also providing a little bit of coverage (will lessen the look of redness and dark circles, won't cover a spot). It also contains SPF 30, which is always helpful, however it’s worth mentioning that it is widely advised to still wear a good dollop of high SPF regardless of make-up (I’m currently on Murad City Skin SPF 50).

As for how to wear it, you have a couple of choices: apply it after your serum/moisturiser and wear it on its own, or use it as a radiance-encouraging base to pop under your foundation. I’ve been wearing it with a little bit of concealer on top, which has been especially good during the hot and humid weather – no sticky make-up to contend with.

The final thing to mention is that when you buy BFF cream, you’ll also get a little “T-pot”. Squeeze a few pumps of BFF into the pot and either add it to your stack (if you have one) or throw it into your handbag/wash bag, making it an easy choice for upcoming holidays.

UK delivery from the Trinny London site is free on orders over £50, so if you want to make up the cost then my recommendation would be to add in one of the eyeshadows (Wisdom is my pick – a soft, very slightly smoky, brown) or the Lip2Cheek pot, which comes in a variety of lovely shades.





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