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The Pool tries... bright pink lipstick

It's been pegged as this summer's alternative to red, but is bright pink lipstick really a winner, or is it best left for 80s raves? Team Pool try it out

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By Elle Turner on

The team at The Pool have got red lips sorted. Zoë Beaty, our deputy news editor, knows precisely her favourite shade (Pillarbox by No7) and wears it daily. And, after a lifetime of avoiding reds, Elaine Robb, our chief sub-editor, took the plunge into deep crimsons last year (she swears by Bobbi Brown). But since it's summer, I tasked Team Pool with trading in red for something a bit different. Bright pink is "in", according to Pinterest, which has seen a 35 per cent uptick in saves. Apparently it's the summer alternative to statement red. Let's see if Team Pool agree. This week, they're trying fuchsia.


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