What are the best beauty products to take on holiday?

A fast-drying hair towel, an aftersun face mask and a space-saving multitasker – here’s what Team Pool is taking away with them

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By Elle Turner on

God, I love a good rifle around my mates' make-up bags. If you relate, you'll be pleased to hear that I've talked Team Pool into throwing open the contents of their away beauty kits for us all to have a look at. Because, when you find a product so truly spectacular that it's granted a spot in the finite suitcase space you manage to fight your other half for, it's probably worth sharing. Here's our cream of the holiday crop.

Sam Baker's Pick: The hair saviour

"The thing I'm really not going anywhere without is my curl towel. I'm on my second one, but only because I left my old one in the hotel last year when I went on holiday. It's brilliant. It draws the water out of your hair without you having to rub it, so it leaves you with defined curls instead of frizz. Life changer."


Frankie Graddon's Pick: The travel cleanser

"If you're tight on liquid allowance, then Origins cleansing powder is a real winner. Tip a little out into your palm, add a splash of water then mix to a paste and massage all over your face. As it contains charcoal, it's great for a deep, decongesting clean. For a bit of make-up, I also swear by Chanel's Lip Blush (a tinted gel with a cloud-like texture), which works just as well swooshed over lips as patted into cheeks or even, if you're feeling adventurous, dotted on to eyelids. They come in lots of gorgeous summer shades (my favourite is Orange Explosif, an orangey pink) and are perfect for saving space."


Hannah Banks-Walker's Pick: The Summer perfume

"Travel-size anything is always a novelty, but when it's Jo Malone, it feels like a real treat. The 30ml colognes are an ideal way of saving space while still managing to take my favourite perfume with me on holiday. Red Roses is an actual dream – every time I wear it, I get so many compliments and, as I now save it for days off or going away, I associate it with the best days. You can fit it easily into one of the airport's transparent bags, so you don't need to worry if you only have hand luggage." 


Elle Turner's Pick: The five-minute pick-me-up

"I'll be packing a couple of these aftersun sheet masks from Garnier. They contain hyaluronic acid to help plump and refresh frazzled skin that's been out in the sun all day, and will rehydrate skin, so it feels super soft in the morning. Top tip: stick it in the fridge so it feels even more cooling on hot skin."


Yomi Adegoke's Pick: The multitasker

"Olive oil! I usually have my hair out on holidays and it can be with varying degrees of success depending on the weather. Olive oil is my go-to for if humidity dries it out or it shrinks in the sea. And, if I run out of lotion, it doubles up as something I can cream with."


Elaine Robb's Pick: THE FACE SPF

"I smeared my face in this about five times a day last holiday and came back with the healthiest, non-burnt/damaged face ever. I shout at the husband/kids if they go near it."


Amy Jones' Pick: The Holiday Blusher

"Cha Cha Tint from Benefit is always great on holiday. It's a beautiful bright coral blusher that's fantastic on my pale skin but would look great on anyone with a deeper skin tone, too. It makes me look a little bit more summery/holiday-y than I usually do and I can put it on in the morning and not worry about it all day, as it goes on nice and easy and sinks in immediately."


Deborah Castle's Pick: The colour-pop mascara

"L'Oréal Paris Miss Baby Roll Mascara in Teal Blue looks great just with a lip gloss and a tan! The electric colour means it will suit all skin tones, the brush is a good width for separating and lengthening, and it makes lashes look chunky and vibrant."


Rowan Ellis' Pick: The lightweight foundation

"As an acne-prone lady, I love a lightweight foundation with both coverage and SPF. My favourite is Benefit's Oxygen WOW foundation (SPF 25). It's easy to apply – one pump will do your whole face – and it is medium coverage, so not too heavy. But, it calms down my redness and scars without the need for concealer. It's somewhere between a matte and dewy finish and is brightening, too."


Jade Hutchinson's Pick: the tan elongator

"Lancaster's Tan Maximiser genuinely does make you tan better and stay tanned for longer (it contains Heliosome, a tan booster that stimulates our natural production of melanin and boosts tans by 50 to 80 per cent). I put it on as an aftersun when I'm away and then in the evenings once I'm back. It's a light texture for a cream, goes on very easily and smells subtly holiday-y but also sophisticated. I've been using it since I was around 14 (when I can justify the cost)."




"I like a nice highlighter and a good pair of eyelash curlers in place of foundation and mascara. The Bobbi Brown highlighters are amazing."



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