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No time for body cream? Frankie Graddon's found the easiest route to silky skin yet

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If, like me, you are a lazy wotsit when it comes to body moisturising, then I have a very exciting new product for you. Sanctuary Spa has launched an in-shower moisturising cream which is quite the game-changer when it comes to smoothifying your bod. Let me explain. 

The idea behind it is that we women of the world are too goddamn busy to even think about slopping moisturiser on of a morning – a theory I would agree with. Arguably a non-essential element of getting ready, top-to-toe moisturisation tends to get sidelined. So, with this in mind, Sanctuary Spa has developed a fast-absorbing moisturiser that you apply immediately after you’ve had a shower. As in, switch off the tap, stay where you are, squeeze dollop into hand, rub all over, grab towel and dry. It’s as quick and easy as that. The moisturiser sinks straight into your skin, so it won’t come off all over your towel, and once you’re dry you can get dressed straight away. No greasy residue or stickiness. 

As well as being incredibly convenient, this also means that you get an extra moisture hit. According to research carried out by the brand, moisturising on soaking-wet skin locks in double the moisture levels on account of skin being at its peak hydration moment. All I can say is that it’s now six hours after my morning shower and my arms and legs are still feeling silky smooth. 

The other plus point? The smell. A delicious combination of jasmine and sandalwood that lingers for hours. 

I’ve had a bottle sat in my shower tray and am now a body-moisturising convert. It’s currently down to £5 in Boots, so I'd grab a bottle. 





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